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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Race for the (Singer's) cure

I'm sick - yet again. And two days before we play our show at Jitters (in Whitewater). I felt it coming on last night and tried to get a bunch of sleep. I ended up getting 8 hrs in - but still got the cold.

I'm not trying to complain but it seems to always happen when we have a show coming up. I'm going to keep track of it and see if my suspicion is true. I know I was sick for our last show at Mad Planet - and I think I was sick for the show before that (at Jitters).

I've been trying to do all kinds of things to improve my health lately - so stuff like this won't happen. On Tuesdays I've been attending this health seminar that I've found really useful. It goes over healthy/unhealthy foods - and how our food supply has been seriously tampered with. It also goes into vitamins/minerals, good/bad fats, and the last class will be about herbs. Best of all the classes are free.

Homeopathic things I'm doing to try to get well by Friday.
1) NetiPot
2) drink lots of orange juice
3) take Grape Seed Extract (powerful antioxidant)
4) Good multi-vitamins.
5) drink lots of water

Also i'm going to try to eat healthy - and maybe drink some flax seed oil (good Omega-3 fats your body needs).

In the future I'm interested in
1) chiropractic adjustement - Working on C1 can help immune system.
2) incoroporating ground flax seed into diet (3 TBs a day)
3) taking Vitamin C to bowel tolerance (please! do I need to explain?)
4) do a full-body cleanse - making sure to clean out my lymphatic system (immune)
5) more exercise

But thankfully I still can breathe and have my sense of taste. Usually when I get sick I lose all sense of taste for about a week or so. Praise God for that.

P.S. - come to our show Friday. Should be a great show - we're playing with some great bands.

Friday, March 25, 2005

The Media and Terri

The media loves to twist things and ignore the real issues. I think Terri Schiavo is a good example of this.

To me the real issue of the Terri Schiavo case is whether or not she is aware. If she is aware of what's going on - it's wrong to starve her. Simple as that.

However you hear virtually nothing about this in the media. They make the assumption that everyone is in agreement that she really is in a "Persistent Vegatative State". Therefore they make the "real issues" out to be things like "should someone be allowed to die"? or "who's decision should it be"?.

They ignore the issue I mentioned which is a catastrophic one. If you start killing innocent people who are aware then where does it stop?? Retardation? Disease? Old age?

She could be trained to feed herself. Does this sound like someone in a "Persistent Vegatative State"? Not to me.

It's not only this case. The media are great at changing the real issue. This is just a good illustration.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Terri Schiavo

This whole situation saddens me. The parents who want her vs the husband who wants her to die.

We have devalued life so much in this culture. Things keep going this way and we will start killing off all of the "useless eaters" in this country. Think of it as a politically correct Hitler with a similar agenda.

It's true that Terri is severely brain damaged - but if you study the subject much at all it is clear to see that she is aware of her surroundings and able to communicate.

I watched a movie on the "Terris Fight" website. She was sleeping/resting and someone asked her to open her eyes for them. You could watch her thinking about it - and trying to do it. In the end she opened her eyes really wide - like as if to say "I'm going to overdo it so you know I'm doing it intentionally". You really have to see the video to understand better. There have been some people that are paralyzed and can only blink their eyes and have communication systems based on that. Her state is sort of like a severe stroke one can recover (somewhat) from.

Much hope could be her in the future if she actually received decent treatment. But that's not what her husband wants. He got the $1M dollars he said he would use for her treatment and then did not use it on her.

And the big talk (lie?) out there is that starvation is painless. I think that's a big crock. See this article about a woman who lived to tell about being starved to death (in a similar state to Terri).

Just wait - soon the severly mentally retarded will be off'ed. Then less severe...

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


I finally made that Indian dinner - called "Chole". It was excellent. Danielle was quite impressed by my fine cooking abilities. But really, it was very easy to make.

What I was surprised at was how little time it took to make. Whenever I eat Indian food I am always under the impression that the food has been cooking for a very long time (and probably cooked all of the nutrients out of it). I only cooked this meal for about 15-20 minutes.

Tonight I'm going to try a round #2 of the same recipe. It's an encore performance.