i play guit/vox in a band called "no longer micah"

Thursday, April 21, 2005

New Baby(ies)

Holy cow! Can you believe it! Already?! Don't waste no time. And the crazy part is it's not one baby. Oh no! Is it 2? No!!! It's 3 babies!!!! Three stinking babies!! Man can you believe it - that is just crazy!
OK - it's not my wife (which I was hoping you would think). I'm talking about my proud momma cat Bella. She just had 3 sweet kittens - which isn't a lot for a cat - but is a crazy amount for a human. Isn't kind of weird to think that an animal can have like a dozen kids at once? I think it is. They are very sweet kittens and look just like mamma cat.

Sooo... if you know anyone who is looking for a new furry friend - give me a buzz. They should be ready to "adopt" in 6 weeks or so.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

OCR Nostalgia

(sung to the tune of "Living On A Prayer")

We've got to hold on
to the clients we've got
It's gonna make a difference
if we work till midnight or not.
We've got our keyers
and that's enough for now
We'll give it a shot!

Oh! We're not quite there.
Woah! OCR Repair.
Take it from Jeremy
we'll make it he swears.
Woah! OCR Repair.

Yeah - so it's stupid and cheesy. But if it made Jeremy (and Craig) smile then that makes it all worthwhile.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

TaxMan Without Wheat

You can tell what kind of man he is by when he does his taxes. Today is April 14th and tomorrow is the deadline. I've finally got my taxes done - I just need to copy them and send them out. This is much better than most years - I am usually the guy who is in a frantic rush to do them on the last day. Don't be surprised if you see me some year - waiting in the post office line around midnight on April 15th.

By the way - I'm starting a two week full-body cleanse. This one you can eat on - so it's pretty nice. Just very limited to what you CAN eat. No processed, no white, no refined, no wheat, no soy, no dairy, no caffeine, no beef,.. Pretty much the entire American diet. You would be amazed at how many items have wheat in them.