i play guit/vox in a band called "no longer micah"

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Bass Player Drama

No Longer Micah is in need of a new bassist - again. I had a long discussion with Matt about his involvement. Short story is that he doesn't enjoy it anymore and is under too much stress. He doesn't feel like it's something that he is meant to do anymore. He said that he would play everything we have scheduled so far (3 shows in July and tour in October) - but he would like to be phased out as soon as possible.

So with tons of opportunities in the works (possible national tour,...) we are in a precarious position of playing shows with a bass player that wants to leave.

So if you know of anyone - send them our way. We'd so appreciate it.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Kittie Stew

6 weeks were up. It was time to get rid of some kittens. They were old enough and we wanted them to be taken before they started getting unfriendly. Karen's sister, Rachel took one cat. A second cat was supposed to go to another family who at the last moment decided they didn't want the cats anymore. So we were left with 2 cats to find homes for.

We have some friends from church that we got the momma cat from. They constantly have kittens that they give away - and sometimes have more demand than supply - so we decided to give them a call up. They told me to bring over our cats because they were having a rummage sale and trying to sell their kittens - and we could leave ours to be sold as well.

So we got the kids ready and headed on over to the rummage sale. As soon as we got there an Egyptian family saw the kitties and wanted them both. Yippee! got rid of both immediately. That was very easy....

My friends also raise rabbits and were selling them at the rummage sale. They sell the rabbits to all sorts of people, some looking for a pet - some looking for a dinner. The Egyptian family was buying 3 of their rabbits (to raise for dinner). When asked by my friend how she prepares the rabbit the grandmother begins to pick up the bunny by the neck and demonstrate how she
cuts the throat down the back.

Only hearing the end of the conversation, my wife turned to look at me with horror asking "are they going to eat our cats?".

If you don't know already - the answer is "no". She was giving one cat to her sister and one for herself - to raise as pets. No kittie stew. All fur safe.