i play guit/vox in a band called "no longer micah"

Monday, September 26, 2005

The Trio

Last Saturday a friend reminded me that I never updated this blog as to what our deal is with Matt (and bass playing). Matt has been totally phased out - we are now playing as a three piece, without bass or flute (Karen went to DC for fall). We actually have a show set up in November coming up. We were under the impression that "a friend of a friend" would be able to pick up the bass parts. Unfortunately this guy was not able to fit us into his work schedule - so we're back at square one in this regards. However we have a new (demo) song on our MySpace page. And on the bright side we are having fun playing music and experimenting around with our sound. Hopefully the show in November should be very interesting to see!

On a side note - saw Aviator and Clementine play last Saturday. Went there with Shane, Jeremy, Danielle (my wife) and Peter Boyd. Good time had by all. Aviator and Clementine played excellent sets. Another band, "Members of the Yellow Press" sounded good, but were incredibly loud (or perhaps it was just Riverwest Commons has poor acoustics).