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Friday, July 07, 2006

The Birth Day

Today is my birthday. It is also my niece's Skyler. It is also Lee Bozeman's. ..and most importantly it was the (2nd) due date for baby #3.

For those who are completely uninformed on my life - Danielle had 2 due dates for the baby. One was based on the ultrasound and the other based on 40 weeks from period. Although it might seem rational to just go with the ultrasound date there are times when the other due date is much more accurate (ask a midwife and she'll tell you it can go by either date).

but anyway... The non-ultrasound date was back on June 18th. We were dearly hoping this was the date - and there were several signs that this could be the date. However it has come and gone - and now we are at the 2nd due date. Needless to say we have been pulling our hair out for the last month with anticipation of the baby.

Can I ask for a birthday present God? :-)


Blogger Jeremy said...

Maybe the Indian food will help...

12:05 PM

Blogger Peter Fli... said...

I'm going to feed Danielle something really spicy! she'll love it - she better..! :-)

12:08 PM

Blogger Craig said...

Happy belated birthday!!

2:23 PM


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