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Thursday, November 09, 2006

"Elephant"'s obituary

The beloved Flickinger family hamster "Elephant" died today at 1:25 PM. She was suffering severe trauma to her intestines - with no hope of recovery. She enjoyed a few minutes of sunshine outside before she was quietly put to sleep with the aide of a shovel.
Funeral arrangements are being made - with a sour cream container as a coffin. The family is planning to bury her today. She will be missed.

Elephant was named after "Little Bill"'s hamster of the same name. We believe her official diagnosis was rectal prolapse.

As a dad, sometimes I get the "dirty" jobs. This is one of them.

Monday, November 06, 2006

People of faith should vote yes, not no

Just to clarify for people:
Voting "Yes" ammends the constitution to define marriage only between one man and one woman. Voting "No" does not ammend the constitution. This allows a judge to rule that marriage can be between two men or two women.

Most of the people I have explained this to have thought they were supposed to vote vice versa. This is because of many confusing factors.

One confusing factor is signs/bumper sticker that state "People of Faith Vote No". There are several churches in the Milwaukee area that do not interpret the Bible that homosexuality is sinful. I have read the Bible and I think it is very clear on this issue. I have also read their arguments, and my opinion is that these churches are willfully deceiving themselves because they love the world, not God. I do not hate homosexuals and if you care to talk about this issue I'd love to discuss it.

The second confusing factor is billboards and commercials that tell us that we shouldn't change the constitution. However they don't mention the reason for the ammendment. The purpose of the ammendment is to protect what was common knowledge when the constitution was written (that homosexuality relationship is wrong) from being rewritten by an elitist judge. The real issue here is that we have seen these judges rewrite the rules based on their viewpoints, often times contradictory to the public they represent. The public has lost their say on vital issues. The idea really represented by these people is "don't ammend the constitution so a judge can do it for you".

That's my 2 cents. There are many other things to vote on this Tuesday (Nov 7th) - but this one hits closest to home. Hopefully all my friends who read this and have differing opinions will be open minded to different info, and not just hate me, which tends to happen sadly. Again, if you'd like to discuss this then I am always open for new info/opinions.